Search for the 2015 Gawad Saka Outstanding Agricultural Scientist and Agricultural Researcher Desk Evaluation

Evaluators June 25-26, 2015
Manila, Philippines

Text and Photos by Mara Shyn M. Valdeabella

The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) serves as the national coordinator and secretariat for the annually conducted search for the Gawad Saka Outstanding Agricultural Scientist (OAS) and Gawad Saka Outstanding Agricultural Researcher (OAR). With this, BAR, in coordination with the Department of Agriculture (DA), yearly formulates a National Technical Committee (NTC) for each category. Composed of experts representing the major sectors of agriculture, each committee is mandated to conduct the evaluation of all submitted nominations for their assigned category. Each criteria has its own set of criteria which also divides the evaluation in two phases—1) desk evaluation, where nominees are shortlisted based on the merits of their accomplishments, which they provided in the portfolio they submitted to the Secretariat; and 2) on-site visit and evaluation, where NTC personally looks into the projects and initiatives of the shortlisted nominee.