4th Quarter Research Managers’ Meeting.

4 December 2017
Tagaytay City


The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) led the conduct of the “4th Quarter Research Managers’ (RM) Meeting” on 4 December 2017 in Tagaytay City. Institutionalized in 2014, the RM Meeting is a quarterly activity that serves as a venue to update the regions on the bureau’s agriculture and fisheries research and development (R&D) programs and activities. It paves the way for the complementation of all R&D efforts and priorities and it facilitates a discourse on emerging issues and concerns in the sector.

Among the topics discussed were policies and guidelines on RDE income utilization, financial matters, zonal RDE network updates, Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Mentorship Program, among others.

Attending the meeting were regional technical directors for research and research managers from the research divisions of the Department of Agriculture-Regional Field Offices and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources-Regional Offices, including key officials and selected BAR staff.

The RM Meeting is facilitated and organized by BAR’s Program Monitoring and Evaluation Division. ###

{vsig_c}0|1.jpg|| Group photo of participants during the 4th Quarter Research Managers’ Meeting CY 2017

{vsig_c}0|2.jpg|| Attending the meeting are RTDs for research and RMs from the research divisions of DA-RFOs and BFAR-Regional Offices, including key officials and selected staff of BAR.

{vsig_c}0|3.jpg|| BAR Director Nicomedes Eleazar and Regional Technical Director Ma. Melba Wee of DA-RFO 9

{vsig_c}0|4.jpg|| BAR Assistant Director Teodoro Solsoloy

{vsig_c}0|5.jpg|| Dr. Edgar Madrid, RTD for Operations and Extension, DA-RFO 5

{vsig_c}0|6.jpg|| Rose Mary Aquino, RTD for Research and Regulations, DA-RFO 2

{vsig_c}0|7.jpg|| Dr. Angelina S. Pancho, RTD for Research and Regulations, DA-RFO 11

{vsig_c}0|8.jpg|| BAR Director Eleazar starts the program with his welcome remarks.

{vsig_c}0|9.jpg|| Dr. Eleazar acknowledges the efforts of everyone, particularly the regions, which led to the bureau’s good performance in 2017.

{vsig_c}0|10.jpg|| BAR-PMED Chief Salvacion Ritual presents the highlights with corresponding updates of the previous research managers’ meeting as well as the matters arising from the agenda.

{vsig_c}0|11.jpg|| BAR-PMED Asst. Head Amavel Velasco discusses the policies and guidelines on the RDE income utilization.

{vsig_c}0|12.jpg|| Digna Narvacan, research manager, DA-RFO CALABARZON, clarifying some concerns on the revolving funds and proceeds from their techcom projects.

{vsig_c}0|13.jpg|| Luz Marcelino, research manager, DA-RFO 5, updates everyone on their current initiatives on Batuan.

{vsig_c}0|14.jpg|| Zonal update for Luzon Group (Regions CAR, 1, 2, 3, CALABARZON, MIMAROPA, and 5)

{vsig_c}0|15.jpg|| Lovelyn Gaspar, research manager, DA-RFO 2 providing the updates for Luzon Group.

{vsig_c}0|16.jpg|| RM Lovelyn Gaspar with RTD Rose Aquino of DA-RFO 2

{vsig_c}0|17.jpg|| Dr. Jovita Datuin, research manager of DA-RFO 1, providing suggestions on various topics discussed in the meeting.

{vsig_c}0|18.jpg|| Dr. Eleazar clarifying some issues on networking funds given to the regions.

{vsig_c}0|19.jpg|| IDD Head Digna Sandoval reminds the regions to include activities pertaining to the establishment of OA Centers in Luzon Group.

{vsig_c}0|20.jpg|| Patrick Cabrera of BAR-PDD clarifies on the inclusion of trainings in the benchmarking assessment for biotechnology project.

{vsig_c}0|21.jpg|| RTD Melba Wee mentions the need for postharvest equipment particularly for adlay given the 2,000 kilos of grits that Region 9 is being required to produce.

{vsig_c}0|22.jpg|| Lorna Vilbar, research manager of DA-RFO 12 and Fe Baragan of DA-RFO 10

{vsig_c}0|23.jpg|| Segundina Gaerlan, RTD for BFAR 1, clarifies the basis for accrediting National Certificate (NC II).

{vsig_c}0|24.jpg|| Zonal update for Visayas Group (Regions 6, 7, and 8)

{vsig_c}0|25.jpg|| Engr. Leonarda Londina, research manager, DA-RFO 8, providing the updates for Visayas Group.

{vsig_c}0|26.jpg|| Engr. Londina with RTD Elvira Torres of DA-RFO 8 and Fabio Enriquez, research manager, DA-RFO 7

{vsig_c}0|27.jpg|| Cora Arroyo of DA-RFO 6 updates the group on the Batuan Project.

{vsig_c}0|28.jpg|| BAR-PDD Chief Joell Lales follows up on the submission of proposal in lieu of the Spanish Red Pineapple (marketing aspect).

{vsig_c}0|29.jpg|| Zonal update for Mindanao Group (Regions 9, 10, 11, 12, CARAGA and ARMM)

{vsig_c}0|30.jpg|| Fe Abragan, asst. research division chief, DA-RFO 10 providing the updates for Mindanao Group. — with Fe Nierves Abragan.

{vsig_c}0|31.jpg|| Fe Abragan of DA-RFO 10 with RTD Pancho and RM Lupiba (partly hidden) of DA-RFO 11, and RM Jaime Fernandez of BFAR 11

{vsig_c}0|32.jpg|| Nonita Cabacaba of BFAR 8 providing suggestions on the topic.

{vsig_c}0|33.jpg|| Roberto Abrera of BFAR MIMAROPA clarifying some issue on networking funds.

{vsig_c}0|34.jpg|| Judith Maghanoy, head of BAR Finance Unit, presenting the financial updates.

{vsig_c}0|35.jpg|| BAR-Applied Communication Division Head Julia Lapitan providing updates on the IKM Mentorship Program.

{vsig_c}0|36.jpg|| RTD Angelina S. Pancho and RM Juanito Lupiba of DA-RFO 11 beaming a smile after thanking the bureau for including the RTDs in the quarterly conduct of RM Meeting.

{vsig_c}0|37.jpg|| BAR Asst. Director Teodoro Solsoloy, officially caps off the event with an inspiring message.

{vsig_c}0|38.jpg|| In his message, Dr. Solsoloy thanked everyone “for showing unceasing support to BAR’s efforts on R&D.” He said, “You are our partners and without you, nothing will be possible for us. Thank you for working with BAR for the past years, you as project implementers have such a big role to what BAR has achieved all these years.”

{vsig_c}0|39.jpg|| BAR-PMED technical staff, Juan Nikolas Paller serves as the emcee during the activity.

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