30th National Research Symposium

(Information Guidelines)

17-18 October 2018
RDMIC Building, Elliptical Road corner Visayas Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
“Generating and Integrating Best Practices in Agriculture and Fisheries through Participatory R&D”


The Bureau of Agricultural Research (BAR) of the Department of Agriculture (DA) is now calling for the submission of scientific papers for the 30th National Research Symposium (NRS). The competition is open to all Filipino scientists and researchers from DA units and attached agencies, state universities and colleges, and other government institutions under the DA’s National Agriculture and Fisheries R&D System (NaRDSAF) that conduct R&D work in agriculture and fisheries. Entry papers must be based on results of R&D projects completed in the past five years (2013- 2018).

The culmination of the NRS is the Agriculture and Fisheries Modernization Act (AFMA) Research Paper Award which is conferred to researchers whose works have resulted to new technologies, information, processes, or systems that are beneficial to the agriculture and fisheries sector.


The following are the research categories in the symposium:

1. Basic /Upstream Research – research in agriculture and fisheries directed towards increase in knowledge and understanding 
   of the fundamental aspects and underlying foundations of phenomena and observable facts without specific application or 
   use in view. It 
   is an original investigation for the advancement of scientific knowledge and does not have specific commercial objectives.

2. Applied Research – can be midstream or downstream research in the field of agriculture and fisheries. It is the practical 
   application of science as it uses accumulated knowledge, theories, methods, and techniques. It aims to find an immediate 
   solution for a specific problem.

   2.1. Technology Generation / Information Generation - directed towards gaining knowledge and understanding to determine the 
        means to meet a specific need. It is conducted in a research station and/or controlled environment.

   2.2. Technology Adaptation/ Technology Verification - directed towards fine-tuning of newly developed technologies to 
        determine their feasibility at ground level. 

        2.2.1. Adaptation research is directed to fine-tune newly developed technologies and determine their technical 
               feasibility in solving specific agricultural and fisheries production and postproduction needs considering the 
               location-specific agro-ecological and social conditions. 

        2.2.2. Verification research is a replication of adapted technologies to further test their technical feasibility, 
               economic viability, and social acceptability in larger areas exhibiting the same agro-ecological conditions. 
               The experiment is conducted on farmers’ fields to compare their current practice with the new technology 

Research papers from the following disciplines are qualified:

•Crop Science
•Crop Protection
•Animal Science
•Soils and Water Science
•Postharvest and Processing

•Aquatic Resources Management 
•Capture Fisheries
•Postharvest and Processing

3. Socio-Economics Research - research that deals with people and institutions including governance, politics, economics, 
   sociology, and anthropology. It is focused on methods of participatory research, monitoring, and evaluation of 
   technological packages with regard to adoption, impact, and contribution to policy-related issues pertaining to agriculture 
   and fisheries production.

4. Development Research (Agriculture and Fisheries) – output of systematic work in agriculture and fisheries that draws on 
   existing knowledge gained from research and/or practical experience directed towards producing new or improved products, 
   processes, systems, and services.


1. Filipino researchers/scientists from a NaRDSAF-member institution may submit entries for any of the categories. For the 
   “Development Research” category, only researchers/scientists from DA units may submit.

2. Topics of the papers must be within the symposium’s overall theme and aligned with the goals and objectives of the 
   Department of Agriculture.

3. Entry papers must be results of research conducted in the Philippines within the last five years and has been completed as 
   of une 30 of the current year.

4. All entry papers should have an attached signed endorsement letter from the head of the agency of the researcher/s.

5. Grounds for disqualification of paper entries include:

a. Papers which have already won an award in any national or international scientific competition
b. Papers which have been published in any refereed scientific journal
c. Papers which are thesis / dissertation

6. Upon submission of entry papers, the activities will be as follows:

I.   Validation of entry paper categorization 

II.  Initial screening of all papers conducted with a panel of evaluators

III. The top three (3) entries from each category/subcategory (with a score of 85% and above) will be invited to present their 
     paper during the symposium proper and will be required to prepare a scientific poster as entry for the NRS scientific 
     poster competition


Interested parties must submit the following:

1. Fully accomplished NRS Entry Form (BAR/QSF-L.04.01)

2. Six (6) printed copies of the manuscript with a signed endorsement letter from the agency head of the researcher/s and an 
   identical digital copy sent through email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
   Subject: 30th NRS Entry Paper

   a. One (1) printed copy must contain complete author and agency information. The other five (5) printed copies must not 
      indicate the name of the author/s and the respective agency in any of the pages of the entry paper.
   b. The recommended length is at most 30 pages (double-spaced; inclusive of the appendices, tables, figures, and charts)
   c. The paper must be printed on one side only of an A4 - size bond paper with a clearance of 1” for the top, bottom, left,
      and right margins. Use 12-point font size of Times New Roman or Arial.

d. Manuscript must be encoded using Microsoft Word. Use Microsoft Excel for tables and charts.

e. Entry papers must strictly follow the standard format for scientific papers:
i.	Title
ii.	Author/s
iii.	Abstract
iv.	Keywords
v.	Introduction (Rationale, Review of Literature, etc.)
vi.	Objectives
vii.	Methodology
viii.	Results and Discussion
ix.	Conclusion and Recommendations
x.	References

Send the digital copy of the manuscript through email [(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and submit the fully accomplished NRS entry form
together with the six (6) printed copies on or before 31 August 2018 to:

RDMIC Bldg, Visayas Avenue, cor. Elliptical Road 
Diliman, Quezon City 1104

Failure to comply will automatically disqualify the entry.


The winning papers will be selected for each category. Cash prizes and plaques will be given to the authors of the winning 

                  Gold Award	               PhP 100,000.00
                  Silver Award	               PhP   75,000.00
                  Bronze Award	               PhP   50,000.00

Winners from the qualified poster entries will be selected for the poster competition. 
Cash prizes and trophies will be given to the authors of the winning posters.

                  Gold Award	               PhP 50,000.00
                  Silver Award	               PhP 35,000.00
                  Bronze Award	               PhP 25,000.00

For more information, please contact: 
Institutional Development Division 
Telephone nos.: (02) 920-0219, or 461-2900 local nos. 1115, 2108, 2109, 2112, 2113 
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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